Trittium services


  • One key provides you access to all the trttServices (trttNodes, trttWallets, trttLoans).


  • trttAuth is a a Single sign-on solution of the Trittium network. It allows Clients of all types, including Web-based, mobile, and JavaScript clients to verify the identity of the trttServices end-user based on the authentication performed by the trttAuthorization server. Clients can request and receive information about authenticated sessions and end-users.


  • This makes trttAuth a convenient way to access your trttAssets by using an existing account to sign on to multiple trttServices, without having to create separate credentials.


  • Access and operate with your funds from anywhere on any device (desktop, mobile, web) with trttWallets.


  • Unlike what the case is with other crypto wallets, our Trittium Payment Gateway has made it possible for different types of wallets to be connected and share the same balance. You can have full control on your trttAssets whether you are using web or mobile application.You will also be able to setup a trttNode using any of them. Choose between any operating system of your liking (Linux, Windows, OSx, android, iOS).


  • Please note: Your desktop wallet will remain a separate entity for increased security.


  • trttNodes is a new generation of Masternode investment platform with its breakthrough Masternode technologies.
    It is here to transform the Masternode setup process and thus reduce associated costs and resources, ultimately tremendously increasing the ROI for Masternode investors.


  • Let’s start by saying that investors no longer need to be proficient Masternode users to get the ball rolling. trttNodes can be started with as few as 2 clicks – you simply deposit coins in your web or mobile wallet and click on the “Invest” button. This is revolutionary for the crypto Masternode space where investors have been needing advanced technical skills to start with in the first place.


  • What is more, you immediately participate in reward earning thanks to our “Insta rewards” service, meaning that you start returning on your investment straight-away.


  • Further benefits to our trttNodes include:
    – Insta withdrawals: withdraw your rewards as fast as you started earning them.
    – Possibility to automatically re-invest your rewards, generating compound interest and exponential benefits.
    – 2FA security.


  • Attractive Shared Nodes offer:
    – Insta Nodes: our Shared Node plans are also instant. You do not need to wait to have a Shared node filled.
    – No pre-defined package, invest the amount you desire.
    – Cost of the shared node: only 4% of the rewards.
    – Insta Leave: need your investment back? You can leave at any time, as quick as you’ve entered.


  • Attractive Masternode hosting offer:
    – Setup is easy and fast and the coins remain in your wallet
    – Monitoring and support are on us
    – Price for the full node hosting is only $9/month, saving you big on VPS costs.
    – A loyalty program taking 25% off for using TRTT.


  • Following the boom of shared economy with its innovative approach towards monetizing people’s real estates or a vehicles, Trittium is now going a step further by introducing monetization of an ever-increasing universe of tokenized assets.


  • Blockchain assets are an ideal form of collateral because they are inexpensive to transfer, store, and liquidate compared to traditional forms of collateral like real estate or stocks. The key innovation of the Blockchain is its distributed, peer-to-peer ledger. The Blockchain allows for the highly efficient management of collateral in a transparent and publicly viewable manner. This eliminates fraud and greatly lowers transaction costs. Since Trittium is built to capitalize on the advantages of distributed ledger technology, we can offer competitive interest rates to borrowers and an attractive risk/reward profile to lenders. You no longer need to bet your car or house to get access to funding.


  • Furthermore, utilizing crypto collaterals to secure your loan means we eliminate the need to perform credit checks. And this translates to a quick and easy process for you.


  • Thanks to the Blockchain technology specifics, we have managed to develop key features such as automated investor protection mechanisms, partial collateral liquidation, as well as automated refinancing, which all provide additional level of security to keep both the borrowers’ and lenders’ assets safe.


Deal on your terms

You choose which deal terms to honor, so you only invest, if the loan feels right for you.

Automated Investor Protection

The Blockchain technology serves to introduce mechanisms that protect you in case of a likely price drop of the crypto collateral or a missed payment from the borrower. We make sure we give you the best deal on a low-risk high-reward investment.

Automated service

Once you find a loan deal of your liking, not much is required from you. Set it and forget it.

Open international market

No borders, no limits. Anyone in any part of the globe can be your borrower. Re-invest to your heart’s desire. We’ve made sure to set you up with a market.

No cap

With no cap to the amount you can lend, sky is the limit for your investment project.


A variety of currencies are available to choose from.


New use case for your crypto

Now you can put your crypto to work and reap the rewards of your past investment. You get to keep it, too. Talk about leverage.

No credit checks required

As you guarantee the loan with your crypto collateral, credit history check is out of question. No longer feeling left out due to lack of strong credit history. You now have the tools to get yourself a secure cash flow.

Flexible Terms

You suggest the Terms of your loan, so it suits your needs. As long as you have your lender approve them, you are good to go.

Quick withdrawal

Thanks to various payment providers, we will be able to provide financial products for people without bank accounts.

Refinancing of obligations

Your crypto asset allows for partial liquidations of the collateral to avoid over-indebtedness.

A variety of choices for your crypto collateral

You can secure your loan with a number of cryptos.


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