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Need cash? Put your crypto to work.

Fast, easy and affordable collateralized loans powered by Blockchain.

Looking for the right investment?

Welcome to Trittium. Your low-risk, high-reward peer-to-peer lending opportunity.

The ultimate solution.

Trittium guarantees a win-win situation for both lenders and borrowers alike.

A new era of secured loans.

Old lending models belong to the past. We are here to present you to the future.
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Trittium Lending Platform

Tritium is a revolutionary intermediary platform that allows for fast and easy peer-to-peer loans backed by crypto collateral. Both lenders and borrowers get to leverage their positions – lenders by earning interest on their latent cash and borrowers by getting cash flow without having to part with their crypto assets. Building up on the Blockchain decentralized nature, Trittium is taking shared economy one step further.

Borrowers' Benefits

A new use case for your crypto

In a similar way to how sharing economy made it possible to monetize a real estate or a vehicle, Trittium is now introducing monetization of an ever-increasing universe of tokenized assets. Moreover, your Blockchain assets are the ideal form of loan collateral. Wonder why? Because, unlike your house or your car, they are easily divisible! Meaning that in event of missed payment, a portion of the asset can be sold off to make up for it. Why bet your car then?

An all-round solution - it’s that simple.

You no longer need to worry about credit score. As you no longer need a credit history or a guarantee for that matter. Backing a loan with your crypto collateral means quick and easy process. Not to mention the transparency of collateral management, combined with the full privacy based on the Zerocoin protocol. It’s that simple.

It doesn’t cost a fortune.

Not only did we create a system that gives value to latent crypto assets, “unlocking” real-world funding opportunities. The nature of the Blockchain eliminates fraud and thus greatly lowers associated costs.

coin coin

Wonder how
it feels to get
your funding easily?


watch the teaser

credit history

Our platform has no need for personal identification and credit

interest rates

We can offer low interest rates thanks to blockchain technologies.


Our platform gives absolute privacy based on Zerocoin protocol.


Want to find out how it feels to invest with Trittium?


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Lenders' benefits

The right investment

We know investing can at times feel daunting. With us, you decide which loans to take up and whether any conditions suit you or not. You only invest if it feels right for you. Once you have made up your mind on a deal, you’ll find we have automated the rest of the process for you, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy.

Stay secure

A number of mechanisms are in place to keep the risk as low as possible for you. Protection against collateral devaluation, as well as an automated obligation refinancing mean that you always enjoy a high level of security.

Go big

You want a market, we’ve got one. Anyone in any corner of the world can become your borrower. And you can lend them as much as you wish as we really don’t have a cap to the loan amount. Whatever feels right for you.

on your terms

You choose which deals to honor and only invest in what feels right.

Investor Protection

Blockchain mechanisms protect you and your money.

international market

No borders, no limits to your market, anyone can be your borrower.

stone stone

Trittium Loans - Plans and features

Trittium’s primary goal is to provide complete financial freedom to everyone, regardless of how
small or large their loan needs be. Available are following loan plans:


Up to $10,000 loan amount

Term financing

Get: USD

3-24 Month Terms

No prepayment penalties

Knowledge base and support

Access to loan management portal

Customizable loan terms

Trittium lower interest payments

Access to Trittium hardware wallet

Early access to new products

API Integration


Up to $100,000 loan amount

Term financing & line of credit


1 hour - 36 Month Terms

No prepayment penalties

Knowledge base and support

Access to loan management portal

Customizable loan terms

Trittium lower interest payments

Access to Trittium hardware wallet

Early access to new products

API Integration


Over $1,000,000 loan amount

Term financing & line of credit

Get: Ad Hoc currency selection

Metered terms

No prepayment penalties

Knowledge base and support

Access to loan management portal

Customizable loan terms

Trittium lower interest payments

Access to Trittium hardware wallet

Early access to new products

API Integration

Trittium Services


  • One key provides you access to all the trttServices (trttNodes, trttWallets, trttLoans).
    trttAuth is a Single sign-on solution of the Trittium network, which allows you to use one account to sign on to multiple Trittium services, without having to create separate credentials.
    It allows Clients of all types, including Web-based, mobile, and JavaScript clients to verify the identity of the trttServices end-user based on the authentication performed by the trttAuthorization server.


  • Access and operate with your funds from everywhere on any device with trttWallets (desktop, mobile, web applications).
    Contrary to other crypto wallets, trttWallet brings web and mobile wallet together, allowing you to operate your balance from either of the applications.
    Access your TRTT while on the go thanks to our innovative approach.
    Your desktop wallet will remain a separate entity for increased security.


  • Get ready for a new generation of investment platform.
    Easy to get in with minimum amount of 10 EUR invested and no limits on the invested amount. No pre-defined seat, shares or slots. You can invest as much as you want.
    As fast as 2-click setup with instant rewards from the moment you have transferred your coins. Also a choice between instant withdrawals at any time or automated reward re-investment.
    Profitable thanks to a Re-invest rewards feature and compound interest.


  • Secure loans powered by blockchain.
    trttLoans is a peer-to-peer lending platform, built on top of its own Blockchain. As such, the platform connects borrowers and lenders worldwide.
    With a focus on Blockchain collateralized loans, trttLoans does not require credit checks, which allows us to offer you a quick, secure and straight-forward lending process.

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Coin details


Trittium is a decentralized, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that was developed using the Asic and Nicehash resistant algorithm, Xevan. Network supports private and insta-send features and has a masternode system with consistent rewards for masternode holders. Trittium allows anonymous transactions by the ZeroCoin protocol. The idea of the platform was designed with expansion in mind, seeking out additional revenue streams, and integrating the platform and its features into many different projects.

Coin abreviature


Coin Type




Maximum supply

140 000 000

Block time

60 sec

Masternode collateral

50 000

Masternode reward

80% From block

Coins maturity

720 blocks


1 450 000

Minimum staking age

12 hours


(20% POS / 80% MN rewards from block)

801 – 1,800 (10 TRTT)

1,801 – 3,200 (650 TRTT)

3,201 – 6,000 (850 TRTT)

6,001 – 12,000 (1050 TRTT)

12,001 – 20,000 (1250 TRTT)

20,001 – 100,000 (450 TRTT)

100,001 – 200,789 (350 TRTT)

200,790 – 330,389 (80 TRTT)

330,390 – 459,989 (40 TRTT)

459,990 – 985,589 (20 TRTT)

985,590 – 1,511,189 (10 TRTT)

1,511,190 – 2,036,789 (5 TRTT)

2,036,790 – total supply (2.5 TRTT)


1 block – Premine

2 – 800 block (30 TRTT)


Resistant to attacks, secured, uses small capacity of video memory

Zerocoin protocol

High level of anonymity and privacy


Maximally decentralized system, instantSend, privateSend


Low service fee, high the transaction speed

Wallets, pools & explorer


Windows wallet Download


Mac wallet Download


Linux wallet Download


Android wallet Download


iOS wallet Coming soon


Web wallet Sign up


Explorer Open explorer


GitHub Open GitHub


MN Setup guide Open guide




Active stage 2019 q1

This is probably the most important stage of Trittium project development. Obtaining licenses for storing crypto currency and exchange crypto currency to other crypto or Fiat currencies is the last obstacle for launch of the Trittium Loans Platform BETA.


trttLoans service launch will be also a starting point of the Trittium Platform marketing campaign. On this stage we will launch new web site – a home for the future Trittium Eco System. We will expand our social networks presence and will produce promotional videos for the Loans Platform.


Also a new element of the Trittium Eco System will be released – trttNodes. It will transform the Masternode setup process and thus reduce associated costs and resources, removing barriers for getting in Masternode investment.





In Progress:
  • Mobile and web wallets redesign
  • trttNodes redesign
  • iOs app release on Apple App Store
  • License for storing cryptocurrency
  • License for exchange of crypto currency
  • Marketing campaign
  • Community growth campaign
  • Trittium Loans platform BETA launch
  • PoCon fully functional
  • trttNodes landing page
  • New exchange listing


Evgeny Kagan
Founder and CEO
Strong information technology professional skilled in Business Intelligence, Unix, Linux, Infiniband, and Sales Operations.
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Andrey Rusakov
Founder and CEO
20 Years experience in leading multiple development projects.
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Yulia Kodinetz
Founder and marketing Director
Over 8 years of experience in offline business and marketing. She successfully built a retail company and currently
manages dozen locations in three different U.S. states: California, Oregon and Washington. Yulia is very passionate about tech industry and crypto.
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Iurii Sokolov
Quality Assurance Advisor
Iurii has always been passionate about technology and have worked for many top IT companies in Silicon Valley.
Currently Iurii has over 6 years of experience in software development and quality assurance. With Trittium Project his role is to oversee quality of all digital platforms and tools.
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Max Requenes
Max Requenes has over 25 years of experience in software development on a variety of platforms and operating systems.
He lives in the Bay Area/Silicon Valley, having recently worked for companies such as Microsoft and DreamWorks Animation. Before that, he worked in finance, in New York City, for one of the most high-profile hedge funds, SAC Capital Management, where he helped architect a high frequency, algorithmic trading platform.
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Philipp Röhner
Philipp has worked more than 6 years in various positions in hospitality and tourism, before he decided to combine his passion for technology with his educational path.
With a deep curiosity about how things work and an interest in automation, the jump to blockchain was not far.
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